Mission Statement

The Yeshiva College of Cape Town exists to provide children from the Jewish Community with high quality Orthodox Jewish Education founded on Torah and Mitzvahs, alongside the National Curriculum.

The environment will be such that each learner will be able:

1) To develop their character with wholesome interaction, thereby developing important and valuable social skills. This will enable them to take their place in and contribute to society.

2) To give the children an Ahavas Ha torah u Mitzvos.

3) To inculcate the pupils with Middos Tovos and an appreciation that these are fundamental to all aspects of life.

4) To ensure that pupils, in an age appropriate manner, reach the required standard in their Kodesh and Secular Studies.

5) To foster progressively more independence and responsibility from the pupils.

6) To encourage the pupils to understand and respect the rights of others.

7) To develop links with the wider Jewish Community of which the school is part.

8) To develop their intellect through stimulating, creative activities and lessons.

9) To build skills that will facilitate reading, language and number concepts in primary school.

10) To become familiar with the teachings of the Torah through the weekly Parsha and to experience the excitement of Chagim throughout the year.

11) Show our love and support for the State of Israel by teaching the children about and encouraging them to express their thoughts and opinions on current happenings in Eretz Israel.

We expect teachers to encourage positive attitudes and exemplary behavior in the children and to develop high self esteem and confidence, allowing their own unique personality to grow and mature.