3/4 June 2005 / 26 IYAR 5765  


Candle lighting time 5.27pm, Friday 3 June

Shabbat ends 6.21pm Saturday 4 June


This week we begin the fourth book of the Chumash, Bamidbar.  People often wonder why each book of the Torah was called by that specific name and how the name indicates the content of the book.  It is interesting to note that the English names do not correspond to the Hebrew titles, but are instead merely words to describe the content of the particular book.  
The name Bamidbar is taken from the opening lines of the book “Hashem spoke to Moses in the wilderness (Bamidbar) of Sinai.”  Indeed the entire book recounts the events, tragedies and journeys of Bnei Yisrael during their 40 year stay in the desert.  In English it is called Numbers, because it opens with a census of the Jewish people that was taken by Moshe in the second year after the Exodus.  It ends with the encampment of Bnei Yisrael at the border of Eretz Yisrael.


On Wednesday 8 June, please send 2 fruits with your child, for inclusion in baskets that are being made into bikkurim for Shavuos.


Please take note that there will be school on Wednesday 15 June and Friday 17 June.


The P.T.A. meeting will be held at 8.30am on Tuesday 7th June in the staffroom at the school.  



The Playgroup went to the Pre-Primary on Friday to join them for the Shabbos ring.  Thank you to the children, Morah Lara and Morah Vicky for including us - it was a special treat.  A very big “thank you “ to the P.T.A. for the delicious hot dogs, chips and apple juice on Lag B’Omer.  We had a hectic morning full of fun, dancing and singing and we went home quite exhausted.


Spare set of clothes
Tzedokah money
A piece of fruit (Unpeeled and uncut) on a daily basis
Shabbat Shalom  


If your child is staying until 2.30pm please send an extra snack. 

N.B.  Kindly advise Teachers whether your child is going to aftercare – it is essential that Aftercare Teachers be advised – because if there are no children at Aftercare by 12.45 the Aftercare Teacher will leave the school premises unless otherwise advised.  

Pre-School Kodesh

This week we acted out the Parsha.  We all stood in a line and Moshe (Morah Lara) came to collect and count our cans.  We then packed up our tents and flags and marched into the Playgroup so we can say the ‘Shema’ to them.  We’ve had lots of fun.  Because of Yom Yerushalayim on Monday, we have painted and prepared a picture of the “Dung” gate and have each placed our prayers in the ‘kosel’. Today we are making our own mini real challahs!  We have finished the letter daled this week. 

Good Shabbos, Morah Lara.  

Pre-School Chol

 This week we learn about different cultures around the world.  We discussed how some people look different and speak a different language if they are from another culture.  We also looked at the houses and places different cultures stay in and briefly spoke about different cultural tradition.  We talked a lot about different cultures within our own country and about how we should respect everyone even though we are all different.  Next week’s theme is “Dairy Products” and our alphabet letter is P. 

Have a great weekend, Morah Vicky  

Grade R Kodesh

Parsha Bamidbar was filled with fun activities.  The girls are bringing home their very own set up of the tribes, and guess what – we each included our own family tent.  This week we learnt the letter ‘kaf’ and did some fantastic work.  We have all really improved with our letter recognition.  We designed our own crowns (keter) and learnt about the kosel.  This led us to our introduction for Yom Yerushalayim.  We hope you enjoy your Shabbos treat.

Shabbat Shalom, Morah Maayan.  

Grade R Chol

We are still busy with our Sports and Game’s theme.  We have used tennis racquets, squash racquets and a badminton racquet and shuttlecock.  However, our girls are going to be table tennis stars one day, if their first attempts on our classroom tables are anything to go by.  This has been a really fun theme with many giggles and even more wild kicks and swipes!!  In Literacy we have learned our 4th vowel o, and are making simple words with it.  In Numeracy we have reached 9.  So now we start using the numbers we know in simple calculations.  

Grade 2 Kodesh

The Grade 2 boys are on the 3rd chapter of Bereishit.  We are learning that it is important to say you are sorry and mean it if you have hurt your friend.  We are learning about the laws and customs of Shavuos.  The boys have seen how the tribes camped in their special place around the Mishkan.  

Grade 3 Chol

In our “Famous Landmarks” trip we are visiting France and Belgium to find out about the Eifel Tower in Paris and the Atomium in Brussels .  In Maths we have started fractions – dividing up geometric shapes, and imaginery pizzas and chocolate bars!  

Middle School

The Middle School girls had fun experimenting in the Business Economics class.  They opened their own factory manufacturing their own vest (made out of newspaper).  At first they made their own individual designs which took rather a long time to produce.  Then they were told to use a conveyor belt system, with one designing, one doing the cutting and one stapling.  In this fashion they managed to produce 3 vests in 5 minutes.  Well done girls!!!

The Middle School will be writing their mid year tests from 2 June to 10 June.  We wish them much hatzlocha.