Letter from the Office of the Chief Rabbi


Office of the Chief Rabbi

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your participation in the Yeshiva College of Cape Town. One of the great strengths of Cape Jewry is its capacity to cater for all the needs of its diverse members. It is the spirit of this warm embrace of diversity that the Yeshiva College of Cape Town has, with support from the entire Cape Town Jewish Community through its United Communal Fund, been able to be established.

I welcome the birth of this new and exciting school, which we all believe is vital to the continued and future success of the Cape Town Jewish Community. We are all determined to help in whatever way we can with the growth and development of this new school. I have enormous faith in the passion and talents of the Board of Governors of the School as well as its staff. Under the leadership of Mr. Allen Zulberg, whose brilliant expertise, proven track record and years of outstanding service in the field of education mean that the Yeshiva College of Cape Town is in the best hands.

I wish you a year of blessings from HaShem so that you can, through the Yeshiva College of Cape Town, continue to contribute to the future of Cape Town and South African Jewry.

May HaShem continue to bless our efforts with abundant success.

Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein